I haven't laughed so hard playing a simple game in ages, this game is awesome. - Steve macAwesome
This could occupy a few minutes on a drunken night party. - dracologist
I have never been able to make anybody laugh. But now my wife laughed with me. Once. It was a good day. - #RaBau


Time to Bro Fist for Real

Bro Fist Simulator is here. You have one button for each finger on your bro fist. Gain respect by making different type of hand signs but mind your fingers!

Bro fist as a lone bro or together with your best bro in co-op and vs mode. Unlock marvellous bro fists. Master the subtle art of being Bro!

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The Story

Bro Fist Simulator was born in the Global Game Jam 2016. The demo version of the game was made in a weekend and our initial idea was just to use the game as a fun marketing stunt for our other game, Shadow Bug.
After the game jam, we submitted Bro Fist Simulator in Steam Greenlight and things started happening. At first we got a loads of passionate comments in Greenlight and then an article about our game appeared in Kotaku.

This lead to people starting to make let’s play videos of the game in YouTube and eventually even PewDiePie picked up our game. All of a sudden we had a viral game on our hands. We decided we need to get a real version of the game out fast since people are enjoying our demo so much. Since we have experience mostly in the mobile department and specifically iOS, we decided to target App Store.
The game is now out. Try it - it's free!

The Bros

Art Bro - Juha

Code Bro - Kim

Sound Bro - Lauri